13 November 2010

5000m 1st 16m28.08

Fri 5.11am 10.61km Roo+Lake 44m53  (4m14 K's)
Sat 7.00am S.A.F. Nathan: Queensland Masters: 5000m  1st 16m28.08
Sat 5.19pm 5.75km Roo 23m23 (4m04 K's)

Conditions warm (23/24 O C = 75 O F ) and a little windy. Conservative start, fairly even paced running; the Garmin of course measures short round the track but for what its worth, the 'K's went;
3m09, 3m13, 3m12, 3m16, 3m14 + 23ecs  (so add 5secs to each K)
I'm not happy about the time but hey! at least I'm out there and I'm a racing. 
Perhaps in a competitive race with the youngsters I might be able to knock this down some? - but for the time being - it's OK! 
It is a base, a platform from which to build. I think the hammy is on the mend, I am running on my own, in warm humid conditions, in flats, early season........ there.... I've convinced myself! 

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BeerMatt said...

That's a very solid run - well done. Thanks for your comments yesterday. The knee tendinitis was a nightmare, and after many unsuccessful treatments (patches, injections, strengthening exercises, stretching, etc), I believe the thing that fixed it was deep tissue massage. And I mean deep - very painful stuff (feels like it's going down to the bone!). Concentrating on any muscles that could be impacting the tracking of the knee - so for me it was mainly tight calves and maybe a bit of the quads. You probably know all this already but on the off chance you haven't considered massage, go and visit someone who comes highly recommended. Did I mention it will hurt? I would leave the treatment looking like a ghost...