16 December 2007

Arsenal / Spurs Videos

In November last year I started running with Nike+ ipod Nano.
I've now clocked up aprox 2500KM but this 'mileage' does not count my race day mileage or up to twice weekly track sessions.
However, I thought I'd try it out on the track today during KILLER.
I started recording as I commenced the session and after lap eight I started to hit the readout button every lap so you should be able to see the fast lap/ slow lap graph, however, things get mixed about a bit as every KM automatically gets a record time hit.
Only of interest not scientific, I ran 20 laps = 8KM but it only seems to have recorded 7.6KM so maybe I miscounted and ran 19 laps??
I find that the pod requires calibration as fast track work is normally under recorded by up to 10% unless it has been calibrated for fast pace track running.
My 2500KM has been run at an average of 4m04 per KM.
I have a semi goal of trying to keep the pace as close to 4.00 Min K's as possible.

Here you go for what its worth ;

I don't think any of my 'Chosen' friends will be upset by these videos but if you are I offer my HUGE apologise, I just think they are very very funny and very anti Spurs!!!

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