11 December 2007

Phillip Llewellyn

6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 300m 100m jog recovery

Ave low 51's finished with a 50.07

Good session in humid conditions.
Wanted to run a speed endurance session and this fitted the bill.
My left calf again felt on the edge of giving out but didnt.
Very nearly got out for a run at 5.00am as well but just felt it might be pushing my calf too far.

Phil Llewellyn was perhaps my greatest rival as youngster!

At first we ran for different clubs but by 1976 we were both running for Shaftesbury Harriers. He was (is) a Spurs supporter whilst I am of course a Gooner.
He had a Welsh background, whereas mine was Irish.

His number one supporter was his Mum who followed him to every race ,whereas my parents never attended any of mine (circumstances).

He ran for Hertfordshire whilst I ran for Middlesex.

He had undoubted success .

He won the Southern Youth 3000m Champs in a race I dissapointed, however, I managed to set the still Club Youth (U17) 3000m Record 8m39.

He ran for Wales a few times in the World CC Champs whereas the two times I ran in the Irish CC Champs I dissappointed finishing tenth outside the World CC team places.

Phil had great success racing Steeple Chase on the track (Setting Club records).

I probably ran faster times than Phil as a Boy, Youth and Junior over 3000m and 5000m but I would have traded something to run with the Green Shamrock on my vest.

Phil has made a great career at the Stock Exchange , still runs three times a week but doesnt race! I am trying to convince him to race again but if you live in the UK the weather does not exactly entice you to run everyday!

Even if you live by the sea - like Phil!

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