19 December 2007

Freddie Hampton

5.00am 41m39 Roo + Lake 11.1KM 3m48K pace!
Really picked up the pace from 7KM and was close to race pace.

Second day in a row that I've really pushed my run.Very pleased with the time, its good enough to go on my list of fastest ever runs over the course.
Occasionally people ask what is the difference between me and say someone that races 40min for 10K. The answer must be a mixture of elements such as natural ability, training and mental strength. I was thinking during this mornings run that mental attitude to train really hard gives me some edge. To train at 4min K pace every day means that come race day, when you have a huge kick in of adrenalin and competition, means that you can raise your speed and cope with it. Your trained body is used to the pain of pace and consequently you are able to raise your speed and hold it longer. During this mornings run I got up to 3m30 pace which as I stated above is pretty close to race pace (10K). I have felt on occasions that some of my best runs have been on training runs. I cant quite believe that I have actually managed to run that same course in a PB of 38m55 (=7th May 2007) nearly three minutes quicker than this morning. In total I have broken 41mins 10 times and I run this course 4 or 5 times a week! Here is this mornings run;

Here is my RECORD run over the same course;

Remember this course is actually 11.1KM, so it's pretty much 3m30 per KM (on a training run!!!!).
Also note there is always a disparity between my PM runs and early AM runs.
Somehow the mechanics of my body are that I'm much more warmed up and attuned to the task from the first KM, in my PM runs than my AM runs!

I'm contemplating heading down to Griffiths Uni on the Gold Coast for a 5000m on Friday night, however, I have to negotiate two work Xmas 'Do's', and hope I can keep the alcohol down to an absolute minimum in order to put in my best possible performance.

Freddy Hampton ran for Hillingdon A.C. as a Boy and Youth.
A solid competitor and a real character.
The Crafty Cockney type.A skinhead!
Great mates with Superstar Colin Pearson from Haringey and Southgate A.C.
He ended up one of the last 10 POUND POMS!
He made his way to Sydney and last I heard he was a Firefighter for NSW.
Married with a couple of daughters, his knees got knackered and he had to give up running.

This morning the Arsenal 'second' team beat the Blackburn 'first' team 3 -2 (Away), a great performance by the youngsters and superbly taken goals by Diaby and Edwardo.


Anonymous said...

your a legend mate, if you get this please contact me on fh6162@yahoo.com.au

David Sweeney said...

Freddie Please get in touch again I've recently been in touch with Colin Pearson and Philippe Brown and they'd like to say hello!