08 December 2007

Dave Lewis

Queensland Masters Track Meet

8th Dec 2007

5000m 1st 16m07

I arrived at the track very late and consequently had no warm up at all!

Not a good omen for me as specially in the mornings I find I need time to warm up.

Good conditions, rain had eased to a drizzle and there was still no wind!

Also lining up were Masters Legends Ronnie Peters (M54) and Ian Kent (M50).

I took off at the start and felt I was going at a reasonable momentum, approx 3m10 for the first KM, however, at 3KM I was 9m44 which felt like a slow time though the physical effort to get there was a hard push!

I went through 4KM in 12m58 and maintained reasonable momentum.

I caught site of Ian up ahead and made a real push to lap him, however , he heard me closing in just on the line and sped up to avoid the ignominy!!

Ronnie ran 16m4? and Ian 17m2?

Last track season and even as late as June 2007 I was running sub 15m50's for fun.
I do hope those days will be back , but for now 16m07 was OK.

On the road to recovery?

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