27 December 2007

Ron Peters

8.00am Roo+Lake 41m27 (11.1KM)

Got up at 5.50am to watch Portsmouth Arsenal. Was disappointed that when I switched on the box it was already 10mins into the game. Apparently I hadn't missed much and the rest of the game wasn't great. Arsenal had a few very good chances to notch up another away win but failed to take the opportunities. It was a 0 - 0 draw , the first time Arsenal have failed to score this season. Don't know whats happened to Van Percy he made a brief comeback a couple of games ago and has not been seen since. Must have not fully recovered from the long term injury he has had. Now we are really missing him! Arsenal's failure to win and ManU's thumping of Sunderland puts them 1 point in front. At least we had the bragging rights on top at Xmas, which is normally indicative of the eventual Champions come season end.

I went for a run after the game , had to keep it local as we were going out for the day.
Tried to hold myself back to 4.00Min K's but failed!

It has been quite cool over the last few days for Xmas time Brisbane. Overcast and showers. Though not hot its been pretty humid. Ran with the headband during daylight today! even with Natalie's calls of "didn't know Olivia Newton John was a runner!" I ask you can you see any resemblance?

At least I don't wear pink ankle warmers, though they do look rather fetching!
The day was spent at Australia Zoo. Quite expensive for a family of 4 to go (Oli & Kate didn't come), a family ticket for $150.00 ! We bought a season ticket in our first year here and must have gone all up at least a dozen times. It has expanded beyond recognition from our first visit there in the early nineties. We saw Steve Irwin quite a few times , a lovely Australian Bloke!
Our Max (a big fan) was most upset when Steve died last year. His wife Terri and Wes put on a good show today. Storming 'Norman' was the huge Croc on show at the Crocoseium today. We loved the Crocs, the Tigers and the Elephants.
Here is my favourite bit from my favourite film!

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