10 December 2007

Ray Powell

5.00am Roo + Lake 46m19 11.1KM

Temperature 24.8 O C (5.00am), humidity level Normal (= Very High!!)

Whilst out running I overtook a gorgeous female running in the same direction.

I stopped and kissed her on the lips!

My wife has been running in the mornings all through this Summer and is really starting to show the benefits of the exercise.

Its not easy for her to get and run but she has stuck with it and I'm proud of the effort she puts in on top of looking after our home, four kids , me and now working at our kids school as a teachers assistant five days a week and working at Laura Ashley's on a casual basis most Saturdays!

I felt the effects of yesterdays session (less than twelve hours before!) and Saturdays race.

Stiff and tired - also I had been up till 1..00am watching Arsenal lose their first game in the Premiership this season 2 -1 away to Middlesborough.

So only four hours sleep!!! It's little wonder I fall asleep on the train to and from work!

Ray Powell - Ray and I both started running together at the age of 11.
He went to Spur Road I went to St. James. He ran for Shaftesbury, I ran for London Irish.
We first clashed at schools races and it has to be said he did once beat me in a race when I was about 12 or 13 ( I had the flu and got out of my sick bed to let Ray have this one Victory over me in his resume!).
We grew up together .
Going to the pub (The Midland Arms in Hendon), concerts - Queen at Alley Palley, Holidays - Canvey Island.
Cinema -I remember going to see Joan Collins in The Bitch with Ray!
He is a proud English Man and now after years of searching, happily married to Clare.
I could never compete with Ray in one field, the Body Art department!
I would love to have a beer or two with Ray but that will have to wait till we holiday in the UK whenever I can afford that?

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