16 December 2007

David Chalfen

2pm Killer Session @ Nudgee

20 X 400m first 400m @ 10K pace, second 400m @ Marathon pace NO RECOVERY

Total Time ; 27min55 (8KM)

Hot humid and blustery conditions

I probably ran the 10K paced laps too slowly and the marathon paced laps too quickly! However, I feel this type of session might give me the speed endurance I'm looking for in the races. To help me keep pace longer.

Alongside the track at Nudgee is an Open Sided Bingo Hall. So for company I have 200 'mature' ladies eyes following me around the track. I often think these women must think I'm absolutely crazy. Middle of a hot afternoon I'm pushing myself to extreme limits, flogging myself to fatigue.

I was thinking today, to them (the sedentary), it must be like seeing someone get up on a bridge and threaten to jump off! I'm surprised at the finish when I collapse into a heap to recuperate that they don't call up 000 and get me carted off to a local psychiatric ward for counselling. Of course my attitude towards the sedentary Bingo ladies is probably something along the lines of I'm happy for them to get together for a social gathering of a genteel nature, however, please shoot me if I ever end up my days playing bingo.

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