28 December 2007

Shane George

Nudgee 8.30am 16 X 400m 100m jog recovery Ave 70. secs

A fantastic session all things considered! The heavens opened up about half way through and ran in standing water, had to take my top off - but that was OK only a couple of what looked like footy players doing some fitness work for company!

Ran; 70, 71, 70, 69, 70, 69, 70, 68, 71, 70, 70, 71, 70,71, 70, 66.6

I'm sure that is a better session and I'm running as good as last season when I ran 8m59.5, 15m29 and 32m12. It also shows when the temperature is reasonable, middle distance running performances improve.

I have the better hair do!

With my Irish background, I always loved the great Irish distance runners.

One I hold with special esteem is Eamon Coghlan.
I love this clip as it shows him finally Winning one of the big Championships after many near misses. I seem to recall seeing a slow motion replay of this race which showed that as he rounded Dimitriev, Eamon punched the air in a kind of victory salute as he knew he had finally done it, this time he would be taking home the GOLD medal!
I found this photo that captured that moment !

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