15 December 2007

Colin Godfrey

3000m 2nd 9m15.01

Excuses excuses ! It was hot (30 O C), it was windy, though I came second I didn't get to run WITH anyone!
Maybe it was worth 9m10?
Even so at 2 seconds a lap off target time I have work to do!

Times I recall , 200m 31, 600m 1m42(?), 1000m 2m57, 1400m 4m13, 1800m 5m26, 2200m 6m45, 2800m No time !, 3000m 9m15.01.

I sang out the mantra of 'Push / Relaxed' and to some extent this worked, it helped stop me from tieing up, though with the first KM in 2m57, = on target, I must have tied up!
However, it has to be said , conditions were not favourable!

Realistically its a bit more about coping with the pace, if I can get out in 2m57 I need a middle KM at 3m03 and to bring it home in 3m00.
Ronnie Peters told me he was 48 when he ran 8m59.2, and on very heavy mileage at the time. I know that I have greater natural speed than Ron so it must be speed endurance I need to work on.
There is still hope that I can make it!

One Massive obstacle on the horizon is every time I mention my goal to another runner they retort the inevitable, "Monner's has turned 45!"
Which means Monner's only has to race any distance on the track and a new Australian M45-M49 Record will be set!
I sincerely hope he does, and I hope he 'muller's it', so I don't have to be haunted by missing the record by 2/10's of a second for the rest of my life!
Youngster (aged 24!) Jared Haulschildt won today's race in 9m04 after having completed a 1m59 800m earlier in the afternoon! pretty good going!.
Jared ran a blinder at this years Noosa 10K just missing out on Victory in 32mins odd.
Jared finished 6th to my 4th in the recent Qld Open Champs 10,000m.

I was surprised that I manage to catch and pass a few fast starting youngsters today.
9m15.01 would put me second in the USA rankings for this year and third in the UK, so I should take consolation in that!

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