24 December 2007

Nickey Trainer

5.00am Monday
I had a rest day yesterday! Lad's night out on Sat eve. = a few Pure Blonde's.

Got back and tried to watch Arsenal game but fell asleep and woke up at 7.00am still on the Sofa by Max. Went back to bed till Midday - Natalie wasn't happy as I'd promised to take it easy but hey Lad's Night's Out are a pretty rare phenomenon these days!!

So this morning having the benefit of a days rest meant I hit the road pretty fast straight off. I ran 40m52 for the Roo+lake which for a morning session is PDQ. In the last week my training intensity has gone up a notch and a sub 16Min 5000m shows things are progressing OK. The 15m53 is worth about a 9m08 3000m according to this running calculator;


Here is this mornings run from Nike+;

My brother Tim would appreciate this clip;

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