14 January 2011


Thurs 6.13pm 10.68km Roo+Lake 39m49  (3m45 K's)
Fri 6.38pm 10.62km Roo+Lake 43m19  (4m05 K's)

Yesterdays tempo run made up for Wednesday's slightly disappointing run. I felt OK from the start and if I run an opening K in 4mins I know it is going to be a fast one. I tried to run fast but without effort. That was not accomplished as I really pushed it over the last 2 or 3 K's. My reward was a rare sub 40min clocking (went through 10K in just over 37m30), the Garmin had the K's;
4m00, 3m44, 3m44, 3m49, 3m43, 3m48, 3m42, 3m38, 3m40, 3m42, 2m13 (3m17 pace)

By contrast todays run was an effort the whole way. Stiff right hammy, concern over left knee and hip but ploughed on and was happy enough with 43m10 following a fast two days. K's went;
4m17, 4m07, 3m58, 4m04, 4m01, 4m01, 4m10, 4m01, 4m08, 4m04, 2m24 (3m52 pace).

Amazingly I checked my total K's run since 27th Sept when I got the Garmin and the total K's I have recorded are 1111.11km Freaky!

I went back to work today. Only 5 people made it to the office when the normal total would be 50 or 60.
It was understandably rather surreal. Many shops on the Queen Street Mall still shut, only one train per hour going into the city (rather than say 10) and the train only had 3 carriages so by the time it got to the city it was heaving! Plenty of streets were closed off to traffic. The clean up has begun, in the city it meant pumping out many of the building basements and cleaning up the gloopy mud silt from the streets.
Many areas have had their power cut so police were on hand to direct the traffic. I took a look at the river at lunchtime, still flowing with incredible power the level had dropped considerably from yesterdays high but it was still an amazing site. I heard a body was found 80km from where the person had gone missing!

I took this photo this arvo from my desk, it shows the normally very busy intersection of George and Margaret at 2.50pm today, not a car, not a person in site! The Brisbane river runs around immediately behind our office and snakes around the Botanical Gardens and back in front on this photo, the building in the center of the photo is the Stamford Plaza Hotel and thence further in the center distance is a raised section of the Highway just before the Storey Bridge. The second photo is from Brisbane Times showing the scene further down Margaret St corner with Albert St.

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