15 January 2011

Joe Begley

Nudgee 5.46pm 10 X 400m 115m Jog Recovery (75secs?) > 68:60

67:96 (146bpm), 70:85 (152), 70:13 (154), 68:53 (156)
67:73 (155), 67:73 (156), 68:72 (156), 68:47 (157),
69:00 (157), 66:95 (159)

Just felt like I needed to do the shorter speed intervals again today though realize longer ones are required next time. Conditions were warm 28 O C (82 O F) same old wind down the finishing straight but not too bad.
There were a few athletes around today and I think that sometimes influences my performance (makes me go faster!). Again this week not feeling that fluid during 2K warm up but knuckled down and perhaps over did it with a 67.96 opener!. 
After that I did more normal settling in few reps 70 followed by 70 and then started to pick things up, a 68 followed by two 67's on reps 5 and 6. 
I was dead on the track and 4 to go! 
My mind was saying well see if you can get to 8 and call it quits.
7 & 8 were both 68's and I told myself just two more! But of course I was mentally weak and cruised 9 in 69.
I tried my best to remained composed on 10, concentrate on fast start, high leg turnover, remaining smooth, not straining, then I got to 200m and told myself only 200 to go, hold it together, high leg turnover, don't strain.
Blessed relief across the line, flop to the grass, 66:95 for a session average 68:60, very happy with that.
After my warm down I had a word with a Master who had been running sprints on the infield trailing a weight sled. He introduced himself as Joe Begley, he is in the M55 - M59 Cat. He told me he'd been timing me and said I appeared to be running 68's like a metronome! (look at reps 5 & 6!) 
Little did he know the gut busting mental and physical  turmoil I went through! He's a sprinter though he was wearing the Gold Coast Half Marathon Tee Shirt from the year when I did it in 2008! 
Turns out he's a very useful performer and should be interesting to see how he goes in the Nationals though he was telling me he is up against two fast guys who turn 55 just before the Champs! 
I just checked out the last Queensland Masters Results in Brisbane and he ran a 95% age graded performance in the 60m and a 91% Age graded performance in the 100m. A 95% performance is up there with Keith Bateman in comparative performances!


TokyoRacer said...

Great workout with an impressive finish.
Words like "dead on the track" make me glad I'm just doing high mileage and not workouts like this!
Thanks for your comment....

Tom said...

Good session Dave. Quicker than my 400's pre State 3000m in November.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Dave, any tips for me to start getting around the 70-72s for 10 reps?

David Sweeney said...

I'm currently watching the Sunderland Newcastle Derby 0 - 0 at half time!
Thanks for your comment guys!
Tom no way I can run sub 9 but is that all mental?
Timothy - the easy answer is 'take as long a recovery' as it takes to run the rep times you want to but eventually you gotta shorten the rest
New Castle just gone 1 up!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Dave, Noted your comments but the rest of the lads will have finished there session if i waited until i recovered :)
Geordies were lucky to escape with a 1-1 draw in the end then - Time to sack the manager again i reckon.

KG said...

First time on your blog. Keep up the good running!

BeerMatt said...

Great session that. You are blessed with speed.