13 January 2011

The Day after Yesterday

Wed 6.23pm 10.61km Roo+Lake 41m06  (3m53 K's)

A Tempo run in very humid conditions. This left hip niggle is more of a hindrance after a run than during. Hopefully it is just 'old man' syndrome.
Below are some random photos I took on my phone on my way home on Tuesday. The 4th photo with the Yellow Sign is a Park in Strathpine next to St Paul's School where they held the Queensland XC Championships this year!

Here is phenomenal footage to Natures fury in Toowoomba on Tuesday.You can see why there was loss of life.

1 comment:

Scott Brown said...

I heard Anna the QLD Premier say that "We are QUEENSLANDERS the people who get knocked down but get back up again!" Or something to that effect.

Lucky the floods didn't happen down in NSW as us "NEW SOUTH WELSHMEN" would just roll up into balls and cry! ;)

Anyway I wish everyone the best and although running does seem frivolous under these circumstances I reckon it is a good way to help one hold on to their sanity by giving a sense of normalcy.