04 January 2011

Back to Work

Mon 3.48pm   23.51km   Mount Mee Mountain Trail    2h05m23   (5m20 K's)

It was literally a steaming hot day so I drove 52.5km up into the mountains for a cool run in the forest for my last run of the holidays. A storm had passed over the mountains and deposited a fair smattering of rain which on hitting the super heated tarmac of the roads instantly evaporated into steam. Iconic imagery for our part of the world. As I drove up into the mountains I was looking down onto fluffy white clouds. Got to the Gantry Day Use area of Mount Mee State forest and hit the trail in the rain with my ipod for company. The trail was slightly heavy with mud (very unusual for Queenslander's to get muddy shoes). The trail starts off with what I call 'big dippers' then flattens out a bit then goes into really big dippers. The mother of all is the 2km uphill section just past 'L Traverse'. I got to that point in about 46mins and carried on for 14mins  to turn around on the  hour. Running the down hill sections was just as hard as the up hill sections and I only ever got moving on the few relatively flat sections. The Garmin tells the story of the elevation assents and descents 738m Gain 729 Loss.  Some of the data might not be accurate as I find running through dense forest does lose tracking and you can see that on the timing chart.
A great way to burn up a few calories from the holidays! 
Today I took off as recovery, went back to work and needed to ease the aches and pains! 

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