02 January 2011


Sun 3.56pm 10.61km Roo+Lake 41m41  (3m56 K's)

I wore a tee shirt today as I was afraid I'd get burned if I wore just a singlet/vest  (didn't want to lather myself up with sun screen). It didn't rain!, it was warm (29 O C/84.2O F) and really really humid 69% (felt 95%). 
I normally don't mind it but I suffered today.

This arvo just Lily and me went to see the new Disney movie Tangled - really sweet old fashioned fairy tale - we loved it.


BeerMatt said...

Where's the yearly review? Also, you must have a soft spot for the Spurs naming your daughter after the Lily Whites!

Scott Brown said...

"sweet old fashioned fairy tale"

Just what I want chiseled on my headstone!

David Sweeney said...

Uhm yearly Review Yes... when I learn how to do a spreadsheet like you Matt,
no seriously when I get some time!