10 January 2011

The Bureau of Meteorology

Sun 4.51pm 10.62km Roo+Lake 44m46   (4m13  K's)

I waited most of yesterday for it to stop raining. It didn't so I had to go out yet again in the stinging rain and splash around the paths of North Lakes, pretty soon all the lakes are going to join up and we'll rename the suburb North Lake. The Bureau of Meteorology officially has Brisbane as having recorded 94mm of rain from 9.00am yesterday till 6.30am today so looks like we'll have a 100mm in the full 24hours.
I have to compliment the engineers who designed the stormwater drainage systems here as last nights rain was of the hammering it down variety you only seem to get in the Tropics, and the fact that it coped with such a deluge without any flooding is a testament to them. No run this morning but might splash around this evening.

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