26 January 2011

8 X 800m

Wed 8.29am Nudgee  8 X 800m  400m Jog recovery in 3m30

2m26;94 153bpm,  71.94 (141bpm) 75.00 (166bpm)
2m28;43 159bpm, 73.01 (149bpm) 75.42 (169bpm)
2m30;28 161bpm
2m27;68  163bpm,  72.04 (155bpm) 75.64 (173bpm)
2m28;79  163bpm,  72.99 (154bpm) 75.80 (173bpm)
2m29;75  165bpm,  73.46 (156bpm) 76.29 (174bpm)
2m28;06  166bpm, 72.31 (157bpm) 75.75 (175bpm)
2m25;38  168bpm, 72.34 (160bpm) 73.04 (177bpm)


BeerMatt said...

That's a very solid session in those conditions. Impressive stuff.

Scott Brown said...

Watch yourself David in those rips. I've seen experienced surfers struggle to get back to shore in them!

I hope you with your shirt off and pants sticking to you wasn't the cause of the blonde girls' retreat ;)

I can't last at all that long in those kind of conditions. Well done! Better not to run sometimes, I reckon.