29 January 2011

Life in Tokyo - Japan

Sat  5.56pm  Roo+Lake 10.57km  40m42   (3m51 K's)
Fri  5.32am  Roo+Lake  10.67km  46m43  (4m23 K's)
Thur 5.00am Roo+Lake  10.6km  46m11

Very windy all last night and all today, perhaps it is the two cyclones up North .
I thought about going to the track and running 200's (to stay out of the wind) but in the end decided 
just to go for a steady run this evening and see what conditions are like tomorrow for speed endurance session .
Left hip still giving jip.
63kg after tonights run.
Listening to my ipod during the week I heard Quite Life by Japan and thought I must check out Life in Tokyo but found I didn't have it ! So here courtesy of  YouTube is a Giorgio Moroder (The King of Disco) Remix.
Just read the comments and saddened to hear the brilliant base player Mick Khan died of cancer recently.


TokyoRacer said...

Read the title and thought the post would be about me.
I agree with the refrain.

David Sweeney said...

You were in my thoughts hence the weight 'After' my run! also Scott but I suspect he is in another city altogether (Osaka?)
Pretty cool to have a song about living life where you do!
I think there is one song about living life in Brisbane - by the Go Betweens, I'll post it one day.

Anonymous said...

I swear that's Kanser on the Drums....
Nice one Dave, What year is that by the way?