17 January 2011

St Lucia

Mon 6.12pm 10.54km Roo+Lake 44m38  (4m14 K's)
Sun 5.30pm 10.64km Roo+Lake 44m43 (4m12 K's)

Two slow recovery runs, suffering aches and pains from Saturday's session.

I joined the University of Queensland Athletics Club in order to participate in QA event this Summer.
They had laid a brand new track which had never been raced on! 
They were waiting for the rain to stop before putting down the lane markings. Unfortunately it never stopped raining! Today was the first day they were going to try and shift the mud, I hope the water hasn't got in under the surface. 
Click on the image for a larger photo.

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Scott Brown said...

I noticed that it was the University of Queensland that was underwater when they showed a helicoper fly over on TV here during the height of it.

Hope you're running there soon enough David.