08 January 2011

'well happy'

Nudgee 8.37am 10 X 400m 115m jog recovery (75secs?) > 68;77

70:76 (143bpm), 70:00 (151bpm), 70:80 (152bpm), 68:86 (155bpm)
69:05 (157bpm), 69:XX (161bpm), 67:60 (157bpm), 68:50 (159bpm)
68:21 (161bpm), 65:XX (163bpm)

Conditions were warm and humid , cloud cover provided respite. Windy again down the finishing straight but not  the blow you backwards wind from last week. Warmed up with 6 laps and 4 strides, didn't feel particularly fluid.
Concentrated my mind on the task in hand and commenced. 70 first off was a good start and showed it wasn't too hard a battle into the wind. Next two were consistent as well at 70 secs, then a 68 when I concentrated on trying to stay relaxed and pick up the leg turnover. Another 69 and that was followed by a 69 but I couldn't stop the Garmin as sweat must have got onto it and it locked me out. The extra time on that split meant my average bpm upped out of step. I felt that the session was going really well and felt determined to keep up the effort, but was worried I might have blown it with a 67.6 on No.7. Thankfully I was on a roll and managed to keep the toughest late intervals honest with a 68.5 and a 68.2. There is a mental tendency to want to conserve energy and these intervals can slacken off. Of course the easiest interval is the last one and as ever I went flat out. As I crossed the line I saw 65 tick over and agonizingly once again the Garmin locked out and I couldn't stop it. I felt robbed of that little bit of satisfaction you get when run a good time and review your splits later. None the less, I was 'well happy' with the session.

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