12 January 2011

A grim day for Brisbane

Mon Rest
Tues 5.48pm Roo+Lake 10.65km 45m10  (4m15s K's)

Today is a very grim day for Brisbane, the torrential rain over the past few days has worked its way into our river system and all rivers are flooding. 
The Brisbane river which snakes through the city is set to rise to record levels causing major inundation of homes and business throughout the city the peak flow will come on Thurs arvo. 
Yesterday afternoon the call went out to 'evacuate' the CBD and I left work early to get home. Major problems as flooded rivers closed roads and the rail network shut down and I had to complete my journey via a very circuitous route to pick up my car in Petrie. The flooding that I witnessed from the train yesterday was unbelievable, where there were once green fields and parks was inland sea!
Where we live is fine, we are not close to any river systems/flood plains. Thousands are not so fortunate and there will be major damage in Brisbane and Ipswich. Travel to the CBD is not advised so I'm off work today and tomorrow.
After last weeks 2hour trail run I got a niggle in the left hip region, I have been taking it relatively easy since. Though it didn't seem to affect me during the track session, it has been giving me some cause for concern. I will monitor the situation.


Jim Beisty said...

Take care,David,glad to hear that you and your family are in a "safe"area.

Scott Brown said...

Yes glad to hear that as well.

Following the situation on "Crickey"'s website but if you can let us know how things unfold for you there over the next couple of days please do.

Hope you all can advert the worst!

Anonymous said...

Hey David - I'm happy to see you and the family are not in any danger. Another tough 24 hours for many though. Keep safe!

Philippe 'Luxembourg' Brown

Anonymous said...

Echo everyones thoughts Dave, Hope all is the well where you are, and hoping for conditions to improve within the next couple of days.

Tom said...

Same here Dave. Glad to hear you and yours should avoid the worst as it looks pretty tragic from the news reports.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything works out for you and your family. Be well and be safe.

David Sweeney said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks for all your comments and thoughts.The flood will have a significant impact on the lives of all Queenslander's but nothing compared to those who have lost love ones or their homes. Blogging about my running at this time seems somewhat glib but life will go on.