19 January 2011

Saturation Point

Tues 5.00am 10.77km Roo+Lake 45m59 (4m16 K's)
Wed 5.00am 10.6?km Roo+Lake 45m59 (4m 16 K's)

Back to morning runs . Just steady stuff , well that was all I was capable of - not sure if 
it was just normal reaction to track session on Sat, early mornings, the various niggles I'm carrying or the conditions.
Brisbane humidity levels have been sky high. 94% this morning at 5.00am and 25 O C. The weight of my singlet(vest) alone from the sweat might have contributed to slower times. It is saturating. 
I do enjoy it though because most of my running life was spent running in  freezing muddy $hitehouse conditions and I'll take the warm over cold any day. 
Interestingly the organisers of the National Masters  T & F Champs in April are going to pander to the out of towner's by putting on the 10,000m at 6.00pm when it will be dark and the humidity levels at their lowest for the day. This is for the best if we are to run fast times (and I do!) but it isn't offering the true Queensland experience!
This morning my Garmin's battery had dropped down to 8% battery so I left it at home and took the old stopwatch - how skinny and light does that feel by comparison! 
I managed to run exactly the same time today as yesterday!
The rest of the week will remain just steady stuff as I want to race on Saturday maybe 3000m at Masters in the morning or 3000m Queensland Open Champs with the kids in the evening.

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