25 January 2011

Shane George

Sun 4.41pm Roo+Lake 10.65km 42m53  (4m01 K's) Ave BPM 144 Max BPM 160
Mon 5.18am Roo+Lake 10.66km 48m45 (4m34 K's)
Tue 5.19am Roo+Lake 10.63km 45m45 (4m18 K's)

Running at Queensland Masters last Sat in my M45-49 Cat, Shane George ran 9m23;37.
He must have just turned 45 and is another one in the mix for Nationals in April.
I heard he is aiming to run sub 9 by Feb so he might be running by himself.


Scott Lawrence said...

It seems not only the weather will be hot in Brissy in April, David. Introducing Rob Schwerkolt - my clubmate who is now M45 and planning to run Nationals. cheers, Scott

Tom said...

C'mon Dave. That's not the spirit. Your 400 reps indicate you should be running sub 9. You just need the right race.

David Sweeney said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
So Scott I think I've seen some Rob Schwerkolt results in Road Races but what is he doing on the track?
Tom, there is no 3000m at the Nationals. I will concentrate on 10, 5 and the 8K XC.
I believe my recovery from racing these days is not what it was so will probably give the 1500 a miss.
I hope to make anyone who beats me work damn hard to do so.

Scott Lawrence said...

Rob is a track runner - but also pretty good on road/XC.

Scott Brown said...

"I hope to make anyone who beats me work damn hard to do so."

Now that's the spirit!!