06 January 2011

Keith Bateman M55 5000m World Record 15m29.7

Keith ran WR No.3 last night in Sydney!
Paced by Tom Highnam through 3000m in 9m16 (3m05, 6m10, 9m16) Keith brought it home in spectacular style in perfect conditions to record 15m29.7 for his 3rd WR (the Mile and 3000m)
That beat the previous WR of 15m37 set by Englishman Michael Hager in 2006.
All Keith's achievements are amazing but really stands out for me is Keith's ability over all the middle distances.
No one has else has ever set marks at all the distances but Keith is in the process of setting WR's from 1500m to 10,000m - truly unique.


Scott Brown said...

Great news! With each WR he gives thousands hope and more depression, I'm sure!

I'm really happy to see him achieve what he has and every time I line up I think I'm going to try harder just because of Keith.

And other like him!

Anonymous said...

to true Scott, Keiths perormances provided me a good motivational spur during yesterdays session!
Dave S