09 April 2008

Ben Holland

Wednesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 43m15

Felt quite strong, I guess a days rest does you good! I still have the remnants of that throat cold I got on the way down to Sydney! just cant seem to shake it, coughing and catarrh. I'm off work today so might get in another session later.

Ben Holland was the gut who won the Sunshine Coast CC on Sunday , beat me by two minutes! I think he also beat me at Mooloolaba.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,Went to the old Nathan road & did some 1kms,Not real good but am still aiming for 9.59.99 for 3 kms later in the year,2 km warm up,3.22,jog,3.21,jog,3.20,jog,They still hurt but felt good once finished,Talk soon Dave,Geoff9.59.9999999999.

runsweeney said...

Geoff9.59.99, I feel guilty hearing that the tarmac at Nathan Rd is again seeing action and I'm not part of it!But pleased to hear you've got it in your schedule and I know that it will help get you to 9.59.99 or better in 2008!

Tom said...

Hope watching the football wasn't too excruciating this morning! At least it was a classic match.
I may be joining you in the HM at GC (provided I can dip under 33 for 10km before then).