14 April 2008


Monday 1.00pm 11KM Roo+Lake 38m55********

I've run Roo+Lake probably some 700 times so equaling my course record after a tough weekend training wise on a hot blustery day was quite some effort. Pretty much Race Pace in training by yourself.
Must have been all the great performances I saw from this weekend at Canberra and London, as well as watching a Ryan Hall video, that motivated me.
(Cant talk about Arsenal!).

I jumped in the pool after the run, haven't done that much this year but as Summer is over I wont get many more chances, also I saw the USA Marathon squad doing the 'ice water' thing after their sessions (on the Ryan Hall Vid) so I did my Queensland style 'ice water' = 25 O C - which really is ice water for a Queenslander!!!

Happy 48th Birthday Geoff, the first music track is for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,Good run today& it was very hot,Must of been those VB`s on saturday night.Hope you all had a good night up the coast.Did my usual monday night 400 metres,78,74,74,75,75,74,75,75,76,71,slowly getting better.Talk to latter Dave,Geoff.

runsweeney said...

Had a great time Geoff!
Good onya for getting 10 X 400 in!
On yer Birthday!

Matty said...

Damn - that's a helluva training run RS!!!!

Don't want to be a spoilsport but if you were serious when you mentioned that your daughter ran her XC backwards then I must advise its a risky activity. I've been wearing strapping tape on both Plantar Fascitiis for the last 21 months after straining them badly whilst running backwards at times when pacing the GC Half.


Anonymous said...

G'Day Matty,
Kate ran back to be with her mates,
but not backwards as far as I'm aware!
How about a sub 36M at Sandown?

Hope your build up goes well.