06 April 2008

Peter Bock

Sunday 8.00am Budrim Sunshine Coast CC Series
12KM 2nd (1st Master) 43m56

and 3KM 1stMaster 10m39

Last night I was at a party and drank 10 bottles of Pure Blonde!!! Not good preparation for a race but as this is CC and low key felt that the run might help blow off the cob webs as I couldn't feel much worse. Started the race conservatively and by the end of fist 3K lap was in about 5th position and feeling it! The course had one main climb and was mainly over long grass but did have sections on tarmac and stone path. I had decided to wear spikes and the surface wasn't good for spikes and feet hurt. I was pleased that my 22K yesterday didn't give me anything like as much pain as the previous weeks 29K. I started to move past some of the guys in front of me. I passed Peter Bock (more of a track 1500m speed merchant than CC runner) and he encouraged me by informing that he felt I'd run the hill very well and up in front Neil Labinsky wasn't that strong on the hill. I replied that I was taking it easy but sure enough third time up the hill I caught Neil and went passed him before we started the last lap. Don't know who the winner was but he was out of sight - a really strong performer whoever!.
My time was about 30 secs off the Masters course record I'd set the year before.

After the race finished I quickly swapped shoes and top, put on Sunnies and a headband and lined up for the 9.05 am start of the 3K Race. Huge numbers required the race to be split up into 2 minute waves with the last wave being us Masters!
Over the first 500m I was feeling the 12K in my legs and unable to match a guy who must have been 50+ . However, as we hit the long hill section I took the lead and worked hard up the hill. By this point of course I was going past runners who had gone off in the previous waves. The finish was around a cricket oval an excellent running surface and I was pleased with the pace I managed to finish with. Certainly no hangover left in my body after I finished up today.

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