27 April 2008

David Scroope

Saturday 6.00pm Mooloolaba Beach 3KM FunRun 2nd

1Mile 2nd (1st 40 - 49yo) 5M20

This meet has the potential to be a big event as it has tremendous sponsorship,
great venue, good crowds. However, organisation still needs to be improved. My entry mysteriously did not appear on the pre registered athletes!. The start of the Fun Run was delayed by half an hour for an ANZAC tribute (no problem with the tribute but if they weren't ready they should have let the fun run go rather than keep us waiting around on the start line for half an hour), then in the Mile's, they ran the Elites before the last of the Age Groupers rather than the timetabled schedule. To cap it all the results were cocked up with me getting placed in the M50 Age Group!! Do I look FIFTY??!!.
The 3K was held up so long by the time we got going I felt a slight strain in my left leg - it felt like a pulled muscle!! After a while it managed to ease off and I was able to remove it from my mind as an impediment. I wanted to take it as easy as I could hoping to not have to extend myself too much with the mile coming up after wards. As it transpired a group of about 4 of us got to the turnaround point on the beach together.Having ran a comfortable pace. That's were comfort left us and Chris Howley put the hammer down!! I chased very hard and was flat out.
I'd say We were running close to 3mins K's. He was just too fast for me. A small gap widened to a couple of seconds and I just couldn't close it. Really quite pleased at hard I ran back that 1.5K. Didn't get an official time (event was untimed!) but did hear the announcer say 9m30 as we approached the finish line ( maybe 9m40/50?).
The Mile was on a tight course that included five hairpin turns and some of the softer sand. Brendan Whelan (M35) went shooting off like a Whippet at the start - he is a different class so I wasn't ever going to be racing him! I was left in 'no mans land' running pretty much by myself. Brendan ran 5m03 , I ran 5m20 (on last years one turn course I ran 4m50 something).
Natalie came along with Max Oli and Lily which was nice but I knew presentations were going to take forever so I sent them home rather than waiting around with me.

Sunday 12.00Noon 22KM 2 X Roo+Lake 84m04

I was probably running out some of my frustration with last nights event and before I knew it I was going through halfway in a quick 42m20. It was bloody hot today 28 O C and no shade! I stopped twice for water, and felt strong into the second lap bringing it back in what seems to be a customary negative split for me.
84m04 is the fastest I've run this two lap course in.

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