30 April 2008

Don Wallace

Wednesday 5.00am 11Km Roo+Lake 45m40

Slightly quicker than last couple of days - felt OK!.

Still very cold, I went to work with a Tee Shirt under my shirt for the first time this year.

I've been wondering what sort of time I could run a Half Mara in.

When I made a comeback to running aged 29/30 I ran two half's with no appropriate training and only the goal of completing and competing! I won both these events in around 71min.

Today what could I do? I think 35min ten K's plus 3m30 is the slowest time I'd consider OK = 73m30,
34min ten K's for a 71m30 would be a very good return.
70m17 would be Australian M45 Record!

The beauty of taking on a 'new' event is, I've really got know idea!, I can talk about aiming for the moon but as far as reality is concerned I may as well be talking to the Man In the Moon!!

I'm convinced that my speed endurance is pretty good and perhaps given the right conditions, race wise, I might surprise some people.


Tom said...

72:21 sounds like a good time to beat, but I wouldn't worry about times and concentrate more on people. Times can vary too much based on the conditions.

runsweeney said...

Tom Your dads PB's are insane!
Of course your right , it should be about racing people but there are'nt that many my age to race!
So I look for other challenges to motivate myself. Will be great if your sub 33m before the GC Half(NSW State nextweekend?)and your in the GC field!!