05 April 2008

Duncan Black

Saturday 8.00am 22KM (Double Roo+Lake) 1H28m00s

It was a pleasant 19 O C as I set off, a little bit windy. I decided to run without music just for a change.
Ran the first half in about 44mins nearly tripping over myself trying to keep the pace 'slower' in order to see if I could survive this without a reaction like I had last week. The second half was a little easier to keep the pace off = quite simply I was feeling it!!
Still very happy with a weeks mileage up to about 110KM - 40K's above average!!
Of course it was rather silly last Sunday to go from running no longer than 11K's to think that I could run 29K's at reasonable pace without damaging myself. Will try and get used to 22K's aas a distance first before increasing to 30 in the future.

Duncan Black ran for GEC Marconi in Kent, went to Loughborough the year before me and I did the same degree as him - Recreation Management, Physical Education and Sports Science.

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