10 April 2008

George Gandy

5.00am Thursday 11KM Roo+Lake 43m50

Slight niggle on the calf so didn't step up to a track session yesterday afternoon.

Comfortable enough run this morning.

Tom - I find it hard to talk about the football I cant talk about it, I'm gutted.

However, it would be great to see you in the Half! A challenge to get me motivated and keep the training going!


Anonymous said...

These people that get to travel all around this beautiful country in work time,Just kidding Dave,Ran the beach front at scarborough wednesday afternoon,11 kms easy run taking in the sights,50 mins.Can`t wait for the weekend up the coast,I will try to do 20 kms on friday & again on the saturday along the beachfront,Cheers Geoff.

runsweeney said...

Geoff, I told Nat about Alex Heads and she seemed favourable, perhaps we could come up after Max's soccer, for late Arvo BBQ? I'll get a 22K in early on Sat so I can be suitably shagged out and incapable.
(Doubt if Oli and/or Kate will come)