17 April 2008

Nigel Stops

Thursday 5.00am 11KM ROO+ Lake 44m33

6.00pm 10 X 400m HILLS Beams Road Carseldine Jog back down recovery

Ave 79secs , 83, 81, 80, 81, 79, 80, 79, 78, ??, 76

A very good session, tough to keep on hammering myself at full pace up the hill.
Had to concentrate on making my legs and arms do the work and not tie up my neck which when I'm applying real effort I'm prone to do!
Hill wasn't as tough as I thought and I was able to sprint it without too much impedance. It was good to feel and do something different. May stick with this hill which is beside a fairly main road (Lots of traffic - some fumes), set on new cement footpath with only one private driveway to negotiate ,no pedestrians during my whole session! and is very well lit (lampposts). Alternatively, may look for a tougher hill but unlikely to get the other benefits (lighting,surface,lack of junctions etc).


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,Good to see you keeping the roo lake concrete path from getting lonely,Went to the runinn last night with Dad & we did 12 kms,Mostly flat as some of the guys are doing the marathon this weekend,Haven`t worked out what I am doing on the weekend,but might go and do a race in there,Maybe even just jog the marathon.Talk to you soon,9.59.9999.

runsweeney said...

Geoff, Fancy Sunshine Coast CC at Mooloolah on Sunday? 12K plus do the 3K after?
Better than jogging around the Marathon!