13 April 2008

Steve Cram

Sunday 11.00am Nudgee 14 X 400m 120m Jog recovery Ave 72s finished 68.99

Tough Tough Tough, HOT (28 O C) ,blustery, and in flats.
Seemed to have dropped off a sec in pace since the Summer (!!) but happy enough with the result.
Oli has been pestering for a new lap top or PC. I set him a tough goal to qualify (as he had a new but second hand laptop for Xmas) which was to match my times over 3000m as a 13 y.o 9m53 or 9m04 once he turns 14. He bangs on about what he needs to do training wise in order to get there and I say simple train every day and throw in two interval sessions a week and have the determination of mountain goat or an ox and then he might get close. He comes along today for an initial time trial but when we get there he decides his training will start Monday and so he doesn't run a step.................... He did Win the School CC Championship for the 4th year on the bounce and I'm proud of him for doing that.
In her School CC race Kate apparently ran backwards to run with her school friends!!!!........She has previously finished top three at school and top three at Districts but bombed out out Regionals. Max has yet to have a proper competitive race (they have to do obstacles at his age) and Lily also is too young. Looks like I'm going to have to pin my hopes on Max and Lily for having serious training partners ten years down the track!

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