01 April 2008

Jesus Borrego

Tuesday 5.ooam Roo+Lake 11KM 44m55

Tuesday 6.00pm Nudgee 14 X 400m 120m jog recovery (Ave low 70's)

Not wishing to get caught 'short' again this morning I ran in the long sleeved top for the fist time this Autumn/ Winter - the temperature was actually a quite mild 17 O C ,however, it felt good to be warm again. Yesterday the temp in the morning was 14 O C at 5.00am but warmed up to a hot 29 O C by the afternoon.

I was still stiff and aching from Sunday's run, and had to work hard to keep it at 4min. @ KM pace.
Might get a track session in this arvo!!
I did manage to get out to Nudgee and force my still aching body around the track!
Great running conditions, dark, warmly humid, no wind! Have realised now that I must only wear spikes rarely to save my calf muscles so ran in racing flats. Quads were the main problem with the hangover from Sunday's run. After a couple of intervals I felt OK and was surprised at being able to complete this session.


Matty said...

Well done on your efforts at the Masters!! A top effort given the cold you had.


runsweeney said...

Thanks Matty,

What did you make of your latest 3K TT and why arent you updating your blog so regular these days?

Matty said...

You're right - I need to pull my finger. Blog updating has slipped a little since I started renovating the property. Will definitely get things back in order this Winter.

Was alone up front in the TT and ran 9:52 - fifth consecutive time between 9:40-9:52 that gives me a nice platform for an assault on sub 9:30. Legs jaded a little from Mooloolaba