29 April 2008

Greg Webster

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+ Lake 46m37

Extremely cold this morning! when I got back the temp was 12.2 O C, I wore winter headband (covers ears) and two long sleeved tops! I pulled through the under garment arms to wear as gloves. Didn't warm up my hand till maybe the last K! Felt OK though time for run must reflect stiffness in getting going.
Cold early morning due to high pressure system over Queensland and very dry air. The water content of our air specially seems to keep us warm and I had noticed the complete lack of due on the ground over the last couple of weeks compared to the more normal morning saturation.
Yesterday was a fabulously warm morning for my run and the daytime temperatures into the high twenties is one of the great attractions to living in Queensland.

Caught the second half of Arsenal's 6 - 2 away demolition of Derby County. Great to hear the Gooners singing out the songs of former Arsenal Greats (Veira, Bergkamp,Wright, Henry).
Ade scored his second Hat trick of the season against Derby and did some wonderful dance celebrations.

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