15 May 2008

Andrew Smith

1.00pm 10.5KM Bridges 41m22

Through the city Botanical Gardens South Bank etc. Warm afternoon - sweated buckets again!
Had a few aches and pains after yesterdays double bubble but managed to get through this run OK. Tried to take it easy along the restaurant stretch but still ended up with a fast time.
Looks like I'm going to be doing the Corporate Challenge on Saturday.
The Photo above is the start of the City to Surf 1988.
The lead group contains Andy Lloyd, Monners and Dr.Jamie Harrison amongst others. I'm in the next group back, closest to the white line in the middle of the road, wearing the Black & White Stripes of Shaftesbury and Union Jack shorts (for which I took a lot of stick going up Heartbreak!). I'm running in line with Simon Hedger (he was sponsored by Reebok and wore their vest), just behind us and in between us is Jimmy Golledge. I have this photo blown up in my entrance hall at home which is why I can tell all the runners! I ran 45m55 but if I was half as serious about my running then as I am now I'd have run 42!
Click on the image to see the blown up version.

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