25 May 2008

Roxie Schmidt

Sunday 7.00am Caloundra Foreshore 10KM 3rd (1st Cat) 32m58

Beautiful beautiful day! What a setting to run a race. Start is by park between Pumistone Passage which separates the Sunshine Coast beaches from the Northern tip of Bribie Island. The course basically follows the coastal path North up through the beaches as far as Moffatt Beach. Though sunny was toying with the idea of wearing a long sleeve as was a chill in the air but seemed to be getting warmer and 2 KM warm up felt OK vest it was!

Prize money being offered this year managed to bring a few good youngsters up from Brizzy, backing up having run the State 12KM CC Champs the previous day.

I went straight into the lead and led out the first few K's with Aidan Hobbs alongside on occasions and Neil Labinski stuck in behind us. These two hadn't run the course before - I'd done it twice. Went through 3KM in 9M47 and 5K in 16m04.

Running the coastal path meant we had quite a bit of pedestrian traffic to negotiate and it it always hard to determine what your going to do about getting past (specially people with dogs on leads) if you startle people before you pass they are just as likely to get in your way. Neil was making me laugh be doing these loud claps to alert people of imminent passing. When I feel the need I normally SHOUT "TRACK!" Anyway, the race was really us three up to the 8KM point. I felt quite good, was even enjoying the scenery enough to say to the guys how Beautiful it was! - Didn't get a response which made me tickle as they might have been feeling it and not disposed to pass comment on the scenery. At 8K the course rises up over the heads at Golden, Dickies and then Moffatt. Aidan kicked on and I didn't! Neil came past and I was resigned to 3rd. Though at one point as we climbed the steep head to Moffatt I felt that Neil was coming back to me.

Unofficial results, Aidan 1st 32m40, Neil 2nd 32m50, Me 3rd 32m58!

Very happy to get under 33m as hadn't managed it since 32m12 on the track back in April 2007. I believe the hills cost about 20 seconds so maybe on a flat worth close to 32m30. Last year I ran about 34m20 by myself, so still improving!

$200 prize!
Young Roxie beat Helen Stanton in the Ladies 10K.
I have a cupboard full of medals that never see the light of day, I thought it might be nice before today's trophy goes to a dark place to put on display in cyberspace for immortality!
Might be a nice idea for you Geoff - take a photo before Nicole throws it away!!


Bellthorpe said...

You're right, what a sensational place to have a run! The beach-side scenery is fantastic. And although they get in the way, it's nice to see families out and about in the various parks this run goes through.

Further back in the pack where I run, there's no issue of having to yell 'track'. What is disconcerting though is the early picknickers who've started to fry onions on their barbeques. I find that hard to run past!

I ran head to head with a youngster (compared to me!) of 53 who, each time I came up on his shoulder managed to say through gritted teeth "oh, it's you". But as you've noted, the hills on this course sort things out. He got well away from me going up each hill, but I picked him up easily going down. So many people apply the brakes on hills. But on the last and biggest hill, he surged and I lost him completely.

Always a great race. Friendly, not too many people ... they sure don't mess around getting the start underway, do they?

Matty said...

Top effort RS - well done and good report. Surprised you didn't obtain a leave pass to attend the Qld 12000m XC Champs at Bald Hills as its just down the road from your place.


Tom said...

Great run Dave. All shaping up nicely for the GC Half. Loved the AW article too. I assume that is going to be mounted and be sent straight to the pool room. I think I got my picture in there once as a kid and had it on the wall for years.

runsweeney said...

G'Day Guys thanks for your comments.
Craig - I normaly love the smell of BBQ onions but not when I'm running - like car exhuast fumes , it makes me gag!Loved your 'battle' account!
Matty - The boys birthday party and Football and AFL got in the way of the 12K plus secretly I wanted to give the 10K everything!
Tom - Not too far behind you!! Doing the Half at Doomben to wake myself up to the event (its been 15years!) and yes, AW will get framed for the family portraits wall!

taylah_ said...

yeeeeew! Miss Schmidt is my maths teacher!

David Sweeney said...

G'Day Taylor,

Your teacher sure is talented! Did you see her on TV at the finish of the Gold Coast Marathon? She is a star with huge talent who might now be Queensland's best female marathoner and has every chance of representing Australia in the future (if she hasn't already done so!)Cool she's Your teacher!