19 May 2008

Lee Cockett

5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m37

The weekends racing has left me aching and tired. Cool morning only 15 0 C!
Saw the result from Sunday's CC published. I ran 42m41 for the 12K CC course,
11secs behind my record time from last year. Considering the 10K raced the day before I have to be happy with that!
Though I was 3mins behind the first three (race won in 39m29 Race Record), and 1m40 behind Nick Lorenze(40m59). Behind me, Ron Peters was 2mins behind(44m38), the fantastic Roxie Schmidt again the first open lady just over 2mins behind me (44m48). David Scroope second in my division was touch closer than in previous races, just under 4mins (46m31).

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