26 May 2008

Kenny Raupah

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 46m44

6.00pm 16 X 400m - 120m jog recovery

Morning session showed the effects of 10K race + 10K warm down (ran back to pick up the car after the race _(the views from Caloundra over the ocean to the Glasshouse Mountains were spectacular).

This evening fitted in a track session as Racing on Friday [Mauncell Distance Classic 5000m on the track at UQ and Sunday Q'Land Half Marathon Champs at Doomben!!!].

An honest good session but forgot my watch!

The classic thing happened that I've mentioned coming close a couple of times. The track had a group of youngsters doing fartlek, plus a Masters group and the odd other guys out for some exercise but literally no one seems to have any track sense! I'm having to run around all these guys on my sets as people run jog and walk on the inside lane!

Then it happens ! a couple of guys saunter onto the track talking to each other heading straight for the inside lane and I just knew they weren't going to look. I'd committed myself to stepping off the track to run around them on the inside, however, someone shouted 'track' just as I was upon them and this guy looks around and steps inside the track where I'd committed! My arms outstretched and at speed I knock this big bury guy flying with me landing on top of him in comical calamitous embrace! Fortunately he was OK and I was fine so I got up and finished the interval, no harm done! I checked the guy was alright nextime around (they were out in lane 3!) he apologised for his lack of etiquette.

My medal from the Corporate Games got posted to me today so again I thought I'd expose it to Cyberspace before it disappears to a dark place (the cupboard). Lovely chunky medal (my third one of these on the trot) and its always good when they are engraved - helps you remember in the future.

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