18 May 2008

Tim George

Sunday 8.00am Sunshine Coast CC Series Ben Bennett Park Caloundra

12KM 5th (1st Cat) 42m41

3KM 1st (1st Cat.) 10m17s RECORD

Just when you think things are becoming predictable, results get turned on their head and your amazed.
Today's race started like the first three in the series, with Ben Holland taking the lead from the gun. Me going into second place waiting for Tim George , Neil Labinski and Peter Bock to come past for the first couple of K's before I'd move through and go past Peter and Tim (Tri Guy) .
Well today on the rutted downhill section Tim went past and looked strong, Neil went past and looked good. Peter and Nick Lorenze went past and I'm wondering why I'm not holding onto any of them! Pete has a coughing fit and pulls up briefly. I'm left chasing shadows for the rest of the race.
4 X 3K laps and alone after 1/2 a lap! The course was very tight and twisting mostly in the woods so reality was you couldn't see much more than 50m in front at any time except where the course opened out onto the Caloundra High School sportsfields where we had flat open grass land and could see perhaps 3 or 400 in front. The first three were gone and Nick Lorenze was rapidly disappearing (there again I might expect the reigning Queensland 1500m Champ to do so!! ). I felt as if I was moving quite fast but the reality was, it was impossible to tell how good or bad I was running. I was possibly three minutes behind the front runners by the end and possibly a similar distance in front of those behind me (Peter Bock , and Legend Ronnie Peters).
Perhaps yesterday's 10K took more out of me than I thought.
Up front, Ben Holland was beaten by Tim George (Ben's first defeat in the series!!) with Neil and Nick also within a 100m of the winner and all dipping under 40mins for 12K on such a tight and twisting course was an awesome result and speaks highly of the quality up front today - what a great race it must have been up front.
I didn't put a watch on my run so will have to wait till Tues /Weds for results!
Later lined up for 3K running the Masters and Open wave and won in 10m17secs.
Then I had the pleasure of running with my youngest son Max (will be 8y.o. on Weds) in the U10 1KM. The other young guns blasted off leaving Max and me trying to pick our way around the hoards of fast starters along the narrow paths. He did well but seemed to have problems with pace control (he'd put in far too fast a stint and then have to walk a short section) and wild'ish arm action (not that his dad is a paragon of style!). I tried to motivate him to keep going with "Mums just up ahead" or "lets see if we can overtake this group of four girls!". He finished 14th out of about 30/40 runners in his first race and would have been one of the youngest in it. Race results placed Max 10th (Male) in 4m48s.
Mum and Dad were very proud and he said he'd like to do it again and perhaps do some training runs!

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