13 May 2008

Mike Weaver

Tuesday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 40m49

40m49 at 5.00am in the morning!
I am a maniac!
I didn't have too many pains as I ventured out this morning and was mindful that I need to make up for the lack of variety I give myself in training.
After nearly running into a person walking their dog in the pitch dark, I scooted along the pathway with a jolt of adrenalin in me!
I felt as if I was moving OK so made an effort to keep it going.

I must look like a complete freak, running 3m30'K's (flat out), full headband over my ears, ipod on arm plugged in and full volume. I had Benny Benassi Remix of Public Enemy 'Bring the Noise' blasting into my scull, a very up tempo song.
I tore around the course and if anything was surprised that I was still two minutes outside my all time best (run in the p.m.) but happy to concede at least it must count as an a.m. record.

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Anonymous said...

In a few weeks you might have to add a miners light to your running gear. At the last beachside 5km at sandgate we had takashei first,ledgend kenty second,third a.clowes,fifth holmies,where was sweeny? maybe the next one to try and beat takashei?.9.59.999