14 May 2008

Kevin Falvey

Wednesday 5.00am 11km Roo+Lake 44m03

6.00pm Track Session @ Nudgee
16 X 400m Av 70/71 - 110m jog recovery
finished with a 66:47 (Mr.Holmes)

Tonight at Nudgee there were no League players = lesson do track session on Wednesday to avoid them. Tonight there was an impressive group of youngsters with a coach doing fartlek around the grass area outside of the track.
Felt fine tonight, lovely warm evening with some pockets of cool area.
I sweated buckets out on the track.
Good session, kept it going well through out.
Concentrated on trying to relax my upper body and apply speed/effort through my legs not my neck.
Long hard session, I only wake up after interval number ten!!
(Only joking) and as for the final 66 - well I had to match Mr Holmes didn't I!
Did I mention this Saturday I was planning on doing the Corporate Challenge 10K at St.Lucia but family commitments might get in the way. Only going to use it as a training run anyway as last two years there has been no competition.
On Sunday I will run Sunshine Coast CC 12K race and 3K race and Maxey wants to run the 1 or 2K kids race ! so I'll run with him in that.

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