07 May 2008

Eric Kimani

5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 45m53s

Sure was cold this morning, 12 o C when I got back!

I was thinking about a track session tonight but legs are still sore so perhaps will fit one in tomorrow.
I hope to run the Mauncell Distance Classic Open 5000m at UQ at the end of the month and want to keep the speed work going to cater for it. Last year I ran 15m42 on a cold night and was disappointed with the time. The opportunities for Queensland's to race track in cool temperatures are pretty rare.

I found this posting on LetsRum.com Website Message Board from arguably the current greatest 46 year old Distance Runner in the World.Pete Magill from Pasadena Southern California USA. He ran 5000m in 14m36 a couple of months ago!

"As for me, it's been a tough past couple weeks. The legs started going south. And, well, there's really no way to stop them once they're headed that direction. All we can do is cut down on volume, do extra icing and stretching, change things up a little in an attempt to find an avenue of conditioning that hasn't already been squeezed dry. But in the long run, none of it can work for long. Like using BandAids to fix a leaking pipe.So I'm engaged in that fight, trying to make it through one last month before taking June off (which has become a tradition ... and a good one!). Ran a 1500 today, and God did I ever NOT feel like a 1500 runner. I felt slow and weak and in need of a whole slew of gears that I simply didn't have ... or didn't have anywhere other than in my memories. But it was a beautiful day down in Irvine for the meet. And the young runners look even younger and healthier this year than ever (it's a joy of middle-age to feel one's spirit uplifted just by observing the fitness of youth in all its glory).Okay, gotta go watch Simpsons with my son.Hope everyone has a great week!"

The guy is human after all!

No he isn't human !
I just checked out the result of the Meet in Irvine.
He ran a 1500m Heat in 4m00.96 and the Final in 4m02.01 !!!!!
The 4m00.96 is the current Word Best time for the Age group (2008).
It would have ranked him second in the World for the complete year of 2007,
that is second only to a new World Record Performance by (just turned 45 y.o.)
John Hinton (USA) of 3m56.39.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is this Eric Kimani that used to run (briefly) at Copthal Stadium in late 70's/early 80s?

If so, you still hold the club record for 800/1500 U15

David Sweeney said...

Hey there!
I knew Eric, he was a few years younger than me, just used his name as a title to the post. He was very gifted hence his records from 30 odd years ago still stand.
My You (U17) 3000m Club Record 8m39 just got beaten by Richard Goodman but I still hold the 5000m Youth Rec (U17) 14m59.

Anonymous said...

I ran against Eric at Crystal Palace in the 800m Middlesex County Championships, great runner, I lead from the gun but got eaten in the last 100m. Quick guy and tall for his age, or was I very small1 ;-)

Daryl Wilkinson

(Hillingdon AC)

David Sweeney said...

Hi Daryl,
Eric was certainly an outstanding runner! He still holds Club Records some 30 years on!
Did you know Freddie Hampton who ran for your club in my era?

chevy said...

i went to school with Eric and just thought i would search his name.played in the school football team with him,just kick the ball and off he went,not too great in front of goal if i remember correctly .great to hear he still run's at the top :) Martin