11 May 2008

Gary Staines

Sunday Mothers Day

Midday 6KM Roo 22m46

Well living with the Mother of our four beautiful children I couldn't (though I really wanted to) get up early and go for say my 22K run. No I got up with the children at 7.00am (!) and let Natalie lie in. Eventually bringing her tea and children's presents up at 8.00am.
We had breakfast at the Golf Club and then we were going for a Picnic at Woody Point. So I squeezed in a run in between the two! However, the contents of breakfast lay heavy in my stomach so I cut the run short. Had a great day at Woody Point as well as the Golf Club and seriously contemplated going for a run when I got home, but again it was Mothers Day and another run would have upset Natalie, so I didn't want to spoil a perfect day, so stayed home messed about with photo playlists again ! I'll put up 'Mothers Day' tomorrow.

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