12 May 2008

Ryan Gregson

Monday 5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 44m17

Solid run for early morning, felt OK of course having had an easy day yesterday.
Managed to get my slide show inserted into yesterdays post!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,Glad to see you are still running good,Went to sherwood on saturday & ran 22.22 for 6 km & 5th outright,Dad did 26.46 & was happy with that.Did my fastest 400m today in 66 sec & was very happy & that was the last one as well.Probably go and do glasshouse on sunday,11km or 30km,don`t know which distance yet.Missed the last pat carrol 3km as they move it all the time & ran 2 in April?.Went to Nathan road last thursday 3.28,3.25,3.22,3.25,3.22. Slowly getting some fitness back,9.59.99?,this year,that is still my main aim,Talk soon Dave.

runsweeney said...

Geoff, You WILL become a Legend.
Great running I sense something special soon on the horizon!