23 May 2008

Colin Reitz

Friday 5.30 am 11km Roo+Lake 45m11

Athletics Weekly is The Bible for athletes in the UK.
If you didn't get your fix of AW on a Friday morning you used to get withdrawal symptoms!
I once had my photo in it - Winning the Shaftesbury Boys CC as a 14 year old! I was chuffed to bits as it was a real feather in your cap, a sign of recognition! Well you can imagine how I felt today when at the age of 46 I manage to get a whole page feature!!
I laugh to myself thinking about all my old running buddies seeing this and saying Bloody Sweeney!! Of course I'm proud as punch!
You might need to click on the photo to get it to a readable size!


Bellthorpe said...

I'd be chuffed too! It must have been a pleasant surprise.

Is the masters' running scene very big in the UK? Whenever I've run there it's been on my own, usually on tow-paths. I've never run in the UK in an organised run of any sort.

Steve Binns said...

Hey Mr Reitz, how you doing ? Still running ?! I am aiming for GB team in Sumo 2012 ! And Mr Sweeny in sunny Oz, hello young man.
Get in touch, i am working in Hoddesdon, hertfordshire which is pretty darn close to chiggers and north Weald

David Sweeney said...

Stevie, amazing to hear from you !
Check out post 15th July 2009