08 May 2008

Phil Klien

5.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 44m45

6.00pm Nudgee 16 X 400m (110m jog recovery) Ave 72s (finished with 68.03)

This mornings run felt OK. Able to push it in sections.
Good for a morning run!
Wore a Beaney as well as two long sleeved tops!! Brizzey Autumn Mornings feeling super cold! But the days have been gorgeous = Blue Cloud less Sky and 26/27 o C.
This evening was disappointed to see that I didn't have the track to myself!
About 50 Rugby League guys on the in-field training and something I have never seen before - Three Masters age guys doing some interval training!
My session started slowly. I was a bit in two minds about how many intervals to do, 14 would be OK but 16 would be better but not having run intervals for a while how would I cope?
I struggled early on, running 73's, but by halfway I'd got to pretty consistent 72's and below.
I felt good , no calf reaction and was coping well. I finished with a 68.03 not really trying to push it flat out. Weather was calm and nice and warm, but could just start to feel some of those cold air pockets developing as the session went on.

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