02 May 2008

David Strickland

Friday 9.00am 11KM Roo+Lake 40m57

Nat is having compacted wisdom teeth removed under a GA so I'm off work today.
Beautiful warm (23 O C @ 9.00am) sunny day, scooted around in a nippy time!
Wore the full regalia,sweatband sunnies and cap.
Would like to run the Sunshine Coast CC on Sunday but depends on how Nat recovers from op.

PROVISIONAL WORLD MASTERS RANKING FOR 2008 ARE POSTED Herehttp://www.mastersathletics.net/1500-metres-Men-2008-Masters-Athletics.533.0.html
Good to see Keith Bateman leading the 1500 by 5 secs!!
DrJamie Harrison No.2 in the World and John Jago also flying the flag
Well Done Chaps!!

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