06 March 2008

Alan Bradford

Thursday 5.00am 6KM Roo slow!

Oh dear! The Achilles was causing me a problem so cut the run short. I'm not sure that I've got a problem but the general soreness was at times uncomfortable and didn't seem to wear off as I warmed up. Its a bit tender to touch and might actually be lower calf rather than upper Achilles (I hope so as the latter are a bugger to repair).

Alan Bradford is still running regularly set all the State and quite a few National Records from 800m to 10,000m = a legend. Particularly strong as a 45-49 yo, he set National and World? Records. Also very strong at Steeple.Now 65-69 age group.

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Tom said...

Congrats on the Arse (they'll be knocked out by the first English team they meet in the quarters) and hope the achilles isn't what I had. The higher the pain the better.
I've been rounding up a few of my crew and they'll be a number of us in the Gold Coast 10km at the start of July. Hope to see you there (and beat you!).